We have kept our eyes and ears open and so, as our minds.


Our beginnings are simple. Good Products & Excellent Services

We have kept our eyes and ears open and so, as our minds.

With the blessings of our parents and grandparents, we initiated India's leading integrated one stop source of Audio Visual Electronics, Information & Training products and services in the year 1977.

We commenced with a meager capital of INR thousand, provided by our grandmother and invested the same in 8 mm projectors. Later we added the full range of 16 mm projectors, OHP, ASP, etc. and also diversified the display range, government supply and media production.

As and now, when our list of clients grew, so did we. We are committed to better client services, better value with each client and technology advancement. From inception, we are determined to follow healthy and authentic values of trade and business.

It has been harmoniously run by the Mehta family for more than 35 years and also the new generation joining the business for future growth.

Over the decades, our company has been fully committed to the development and advancement in the field of audiovisual communication media.

Located in the post commercial are of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we are easily accessible to clients, with complete communication facilities such as emails, text messages, live chat and tele/video-calls along with a well equipped workshop, service centre, preview and demonstration setup at our office.

Our key strength is our knowledge of the industry along with our capacity to cater any client- a small organization to the multinational companies with an extensive range of products and services.

Today, we closely work with our clients, analysing their requirements for the event, suggesting them right products and services (client awareness) and eventually delivering an overall solution and execution. Hence, we celebrate a long-lasting and cordial relationship with our ever growing list of clients by bestowing international standard equipments & services.

Our services are backed by in-house specialist manufacturing operation, a large inventory of equipment and trained technicians who ensure the optimum efficiency of all the facilities.



The company is managed by a harmonious group of four young entrepreneurs who are well qualified and continuously upgrade their skills & knowledge with tremendous interaction and integration amongst the team members. Top Management Team includes Anil Mehta, Lalit Mehta, Vikas Mehta and Udayan Mehta.

Currently, we have a balanced team of 25 professionals in the fields of accounts, front office, sales support, technicians and assistants to deal with growing competition along with the growth & progress of the company. Our lunches on workday are powerful. We sit together and discuss the possibilities of advancement in the business and its growth. Over the years, our success has been growing and can't be replicated in the decades inspite of competition and newbie getting into the trade.

Change is in the air. We have no second option but to accept it.